Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Make Extra Incom Selling Games

A Whitehat and legitmate way to make Money by selling games 

I have been using This super simple method over the last couple of weeks to make some residual income. First, words of warning, this takes some work in the beginning and you wont see any results in the beginning. 

It took a time span of 7 days working one hour a day, before I started seeing results SO STICK TO IT!!! 

Now first ! create an account at this site: https://www.g2a.com/r/user-gamer ( my refferal link, please use it ) 

This site sells video game keys, ingame items and much more at super cheap prices... But more importantly it places life time cookies on it´s visitors and everybody, who buys from you will additionally be added to you personal downline and everyone they refer without lowering their earnings or anything since you don´t take a percentage but get an individual cut!!! 

But there is even more to it (sounds like an infomercial :/) you can link to any part within the page creating a custom affiliate link and YOU can decide what that links says e.g. G2a.com/r/i-like-my-mom you get it... 

Now to the actual method... 

Super simple, we are going to spam gaming related facebook groups, but with a twist to start Selling Games ! 

Instead of just posting BUY NOW!!! or something like that we will link to a cheap offer within the site and ask whether the site is legit or not *evil smile* (Tip: Heroes of the Storm Beta Keys work amazingly right now!) 

In 9 out of 10 cases the next thing that happens is that that someone who is very active in that group will comment that the site is legit adding massive social proof to the offer, which then results and a nice amount of sales! 

But wait, didn´t you tell me in the beginning it takes time to see results??? 

Yes, due to the lifetime cookies it takes a while till people convert plus repeat purchases take a while to add up to a nice sum of dough. 

Now stop wasting your time and start joining gaming groups! 

Tips : 

1- If you want to scale this through the roof go to seoclerks and buy aged, phone verified accounts and go crazy with them! 

2- Or use Massplanner to join groups and poste automaticaly Without doing it your self . 

Stop wasting your time and start making money by selling games . 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Top 10 best strategy games for android in USA May 2016

Exciting month for strategy games players, who have seen a lot of competitive games which give a lot of new features in this post I’ll show the top 25 best strategy games for android in USA this month.

Epic battles against dragons and monsters with massive armies, and gamers from all round of the words and a lot of features makes Game of war – Fire Age stand on the top of strategy games.

Clash of Clans in the second place, Build your barbarians army and get in the battles against the other players. A very famous game, build your own village and bit the enemies.

In the third place the real-time multiplayer game Clash of Royale Enter the Arena Lead the Clash Royale Family to victory!

You want to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Hero? So you’re looking for Mobile Strike! The best game of modern war build your base and arsenal set in your tactics and get in the Battle Field and Be hero!

5. Clash of kings : 
One of the best ancient war real time games. And if you love multiplayer or PVP games sure you’ll love it . Challenge your friends and player from all round of the world and fight to build your empire and lead all kingdoms.

6. Boom beach : 
Use your brain and brawn to fight the evil Blackguard in this epic combat strategy game. Create your army with players around the world and attack enemy bases to free enslaved islanders and unlock the secrets of this tropical paradise and to take the enemy down together. 

7. Castle Clash – Age of Legends : 
One of the best rated strategy games in multiple countries!

8. Viking War of Clans : 
Power, freedom, fear and Violence this is the Vikings world where you to fight to live. In this you’ve to build and lead a group of brave warriors wisely to bit your enemies, and keep your clan safe. 

9. Megapolis : 
It is not a war game but it takes a place between top best strategy games for android because of many features it offers. In this game you’ve to build the most powerful city and manage it, hospital , railways stations, airports, military bases ….. etc. And you can benfit of some Megapolis cheats tools Found on the web .

The best mobile game in 2015 according to Facebook, Invasion: Modern Empire is a thrilling online war simulation and RTS game that challenges you to clash with enemy factions, conquer their military and battle your way to world domination in the midst of a global apocalypse. Fight to become the most powerful military commander in the world as you march your way to victory!

These were the best strategy games for android in USA May 2016 , Hope you like this Article and if you please share it on your social media pages .